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Imanol Gomez

Creative Technologist


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Stella Rinascente

For the opening of Rinascente’s new flagship store in Rome in 2017, Studio Waldemeyer was invited to design a Christmas installation covering the entire facade.

My work was to design and implement the light patterns happening on the facade. The idea was to create star chain reaction illusion. Every star would explote and propagate through its neighbours in mix of warm winter colours.

More information at:

Apolo Concert Hall

The Apolo Club (Barcelona) hall has a new large-scale LED grid, almost covering the entire roof, controlled by ProtoPixel technology. The LED structure, composed of 24,000 pixels totalling a length of 400 m, can be controlled pixel by pixel and allows the deployment of high impact lighting environments to accompany the hall’s musical program.

I was commissioned to create all the generative content. The light always changes and reacts to many different parameters, controlled by the ProtoPixel iOS App.

If you are in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to check it out!!

More information at:


Inspired by EDIT’s overarching theme of Prosperity for All, Moritz Waldemeyer – who has has created an art installation that – through the language of light – illustrates how economic policy impacts society. Taking the shape of an LED forest that engages both visually and intellectually, Equalizer lets visitors interact with a touch screen to set different rates of taxation, manipulating the tax level for low-income, middle-class and high-income households.

I was part of Moritz team designing and implementing the software and visuals of this beautiful light sculpture.

More info at:

The Syma Line

Designed by Layla Mueller and powered by ElektroCouture, The Syma Line explores the symbiosis between music, fashion and science.
Concretely this piece is able to create beautiful music just by touching it. In the same way, it can transform itself into a musical instrument.

Every pattern is based on one of physicist Ernst Chladni’s sound figures. The visitors will have the opportunity to play with the six different programmed sounds by touching the designs.
The designs were premiered at the FashionTech 2017 in Berlin.

More information:

Vision Quest

Vision Quest by Joanna Hir is a multi-seasonal couture collection
of four designs, offering modern occasional wear
with elements of techwear for men. Each piece in the 
collection is enhanced by different light technologies,
symbolising the enlightenment, which is the main
theme of this collection.

Developed at The Power House in Berlin, I collaborated with her to create the technology and the visuals behind it.

More information at:

Primavera Sound 2017

In collaboration with ProtoPixel and TigreLab we created a smart lighting stage at Primavera Sound 2017. Five ProtoPixel Controllers were distributed in the structure, controlling over 200 meters of LED strips and multiple DMX lights.
I developed the the software that creates generative content, based on the design from TigreLab. The idea behind was that the sound would while the sound would drive the visual lighting creating reactive patterns and an immersive experience.

More information at:

Marlene Dietrich Dress

In 1958, Marlene Dietrich wrote a letter – she wanted an interactive dress that glows! – Finally, in 2017, ElektroCouture made her wish come true.

In collaboration with ElektroCouture, I created the visual patterns and made them controllable remotely using wifi.

(More information:

#MarleneGlows #SwarovskiCrystals #FashionTech / Dress: Anja Dragan / Video: Andreas Waldschütz | Photography / Sound Design: Stefan Hoffmeister / Marlene’s Voice: Anna F.

The Creation – La Fura dels Baus

La Fura dels Baus made a new interpretation of Haydn’s masterpiece: The Creation.

In collaboration with ProtoPixel we created wearable led costume technology. This system was able to stream wirelessly video content to any costume from the show’s laptop.

More information at:

Versace Show Video

Project commissioned to Moritz Waldemeyer to create a light concept with video for the Versace | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Fashion Show.

I created the concept and co-produced the video content in collaboration with video specialist Ernesto Felipe.

Video Credits: Versace

Nuit Blanche


The project was powered by Elektrocouture and designed by Anja Dragan. I was responsible for lighting technology, as well as creator of the content and interaction.

It was exhibited at Fashion Tech Berlin 2017.


Inspired by the White Nights – nights that are never completely dark – Dragan created a jacket that is lit with 336 Osram LEDs. This unique decorative detail was developed in collaboration with Forster Rohner Textile Innovations – a Swiss supplier of highly sophisticated modern embroidery techniques.


Forster Rohner‘s e-broidery® technology integrates active lighting on fabrics that can be washed, draped or ironed and have therefore all the properties needed for garment production. The piece is powered by a hidden rechargeable battery.

More Information:


Imanol Gómez is a Spanish creative technologist interested in exploring the interdisciplinary and critical perspectives on art, science, design, and technology. He has specialised in physical computing, computer graphics and human computer interaction and has worked on a broad range of projects spanning many disciplines including performances, sound, video and new media installations.
Born in London in 1985, Imanol Gómez completed a diploma degree in telecommunications engineering in Madrid and a master´s degree in sound and music computing in Barcelona. During these studies, he discovered the potential of bridging his both passion’s poles: science and art. Therefore, he moved to Austria to pursue his career as a creative engineer at Ars Electronica.
He’s currently based in Berlin, embarked on an exhilarating and inspirational journey, collaborating with international companies and artists such as Absolut, ESI Design, Aakash Odedra, Moritz Waldemeyer, etc.
He still continues learning to stop worrying and love the bomb.


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You might find me riding my bike through the streets of Berlin. You might also find me sitting at a Café spending some time. You might also not find me, but you can send me an email.