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Imanol Gomez

Creative Technologist


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Bentley EXP 100 GT

To celebrate their 100 year anniversary Bentley Motors set out to create the most sophisticated concept car in the company’s history. This vehicle showcases the future of luxury craftsmanship with seamless fusion of materials and intelligent curation of technology, whilst introducing light as a new luxury material. Bentley approached Studio Waldemeyer to join their design team and help design and engineer all aspects of illumination on the show car.

For this project I was commissioned to create the software that will map a 2D layout onto a 3D representation of every single LED in the car. This software was finally used to run al the light patterns and visualisations within the car, while being able to remotely control it in real time.

More Information at

Desperados Cube – Primavera Sound 2019

ProtoPixel was the technology behind the Desperados Cube, a stage completely devoted to Electronic Music at Primavera Sound 2019.

What makes the Desperados Cube unique is its completely parametric, generative lighting concept. Every DJ ad its own lighting design, that was adapted automatically using real time audio data.

Expressive dynamic lighting with a minimum effort.

Technology & Engineering: ProtoPixel
Lighting Designs: Imanol Gómez
Operator: Artur Pointeau
LED profiles: Luz Negra

Norma by La Fura dels Baus

Norma, returned to the stage of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens presented by the Greek National Opera (GNO) as part of the 2019 Athens and Epidaurus Festival. This new interpretation wasbrought back to life by Spanish director Carlus Padrissa, one of the six artistic directors of the famous collective ‘La Fura dels Baus’ from Barcelona.

In collaboration with costume designer Aiztiber Sanz, we designed and built three full body LED costumes. For this show I developed several color palettes and light patterns that would fit the characters and scenes. With the help of ProtoPixel’s RF LED controller, I was able to export these light patterns and trigger using radio-frequency technology.

More information at:

Hack the Light Up 2019

ProtoPixel organized the 2nd edition of this “Hackathon”: an event within Llum BCN Festival that aims to et together the lighting community during 2 days.
I was part of the organization as well as mentor.

More Info:

Journey of Colour by Studio Waldemeyer

Design Center Chelsea Harbour commissioned Studio Waldemeyer to create an installation during London Design Festival 2018. The wall mounted installation consists of an arrangement of octagons creating indirect light patterns. To reflect the wealth of wonderful materials available at Design Center, the installation interacts with material samples. When held up to a camera each sample of fabric or wall covering can completely change the appearance of the space.

I collaborated with Studio Waldemeyer creating the software of the whole installation.

More information under:

Journey of Colour

Seat Ibiza by Beats

ProtoPixel was the technology behind the interactive experience created for the presentation of the Seat Ibiza BeatsAudio in Barcelona. For the first time visitors and influencers were able to interact and control the iconic Torre Glòries with a music app integrated in the new cars. The ProtoPixel platform made possible to engage participants, showcase the car features in a memorable way, and expose the brand to thousand of visitors in a unique way.

More Information under:


Brands: Seat / Beats / Merlin properties

Agency: c14torce

Design: Tigrelab, Imanol Gomez, Mathieu Bosi

Photos: SEAT Communicación

Video: WeLoveMartha

Blow Me Up at Light & Building 2018

ProtoPixel was adopted by Ingo Maurer’s team as control technology to create a unique lighting environment based on their award-winning “Blow me Up” lamp. Attendees could also interact with the space by means of social media activity (posts on Instagram) The project was premiered in Light+Building 2018 (Frankfurt) and later presented in the Milano Design Week.

For this piece I created cerated a generative content engine, that could be tweaked to several feelings or moods.

More information under:

Designer: Ingo Maurer
Technology: ProtoPixel
Content: Imanol Gómez

Amazon Barcelona

For the new building of Amazon in Barcelona, Emotion Technologies used ProtoPixel to power this singular interactive lighting set up. The lights visualise in real time urban and aerial traffic, as well as weather data. Visitors can interact with the whole set up through the ProtoPixel web app and two interactive fixtures situated on the floor of the hall. 170 meters of digital RGB LEDs are controlled by 5 ProtoPixel Controllers and ProtoPixel Create.

My role was to analyse and process real time data and send the information to the visual engine. I also created the state machine, scheduler and logic behind the permanent installation.

More information under: was an audiovisual dance performance produced by kontrastmoment GmbH. In collaboration with fashion designer Anja Dragan we created a show-ready led fashion dress.
I developed therefore custom firmware and software that would map and stream 2D content to the led dress in real time.

More information under:

re: dance theater // produced by kontrastmoment
design & production lead | Anja Dragan
technology & Content Imanol Gómez
photo | Sandra Ebert, model | Paula @ Core

Wallpaper* x HYUNDAI Le Fil Rouge

To celebrate this fusion of design and technology, Hyundai and Wallpaper* have collaborated with designer Moritz Waldemeyer to create a unique light installation. Waldemeyer, who has worked with the likes of Zaha Hadid, Yves Béhar, Ron Arad and Hussein Chalayan, says, ‘The two most striking aspects of the car are its elegant flow of lines and the parametric jewel surfaces. These were the starting point for the creative process.’

Waldemeyer and his team rigged up a ribbon of LED lights, anchored to six winches via slender wires, setting the stage for drawing in 3D space. Each winch is precisely computer-controlled, allowing the lights to make flowing journeys through 3D space. ‘The LED line creates a surface and draws it into the air,’ he explains. ‘Depending on the graphic design we generate, we are able to draw different graphics and patterns on a carpet of light. We used parametric 3D design software during the preparation of the shoot and the set-up allowed us to ‘paint’ in high resolution within a very large volume in space.’ The result is a shimmering sculpture that is only revealed through long exposure photography.

More information at:

Hyundai // produced by Wallpaper*
design & production | Moritz Waldemeyer
technology & Content Imanol Gómez


Imanol Gómez is a Spanish creative technologist interested in exploring the interdisciplinary and critical perspectives on art, science, design, and technology. He is specialised in physical computing, computer graphics and human computer interaction. Recently, he has been mainly working with generative visuals and light as source of expression. He’s currently based in Berlin, embarked on an exhilarating and inspirational journey. He still continues to learn.


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You might find me riding my bike through the streets of Berlin. You might also find me sitting at a Café spending some time. You might also not find me, but you can send me an email.