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Imanol Gomez

Creative Technologist


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Ming Led Vase

Ming Led Vase visuals created for Moritz Waldemeyer and exhibited at the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan.


LED DJ Costume

LED Dj Costume built in collaboration with Elektrocouture .


Murmur 2.0

Murmur 2.0 is a new iteration of Aakash’s hugely moving show Murmur. The work has been extended as a full length production. A major audience hit, Murmur is an honest view of the tribulations of Aakash’s dyslexia. There are also enhanced educational packages for Murmur 2.0 which includes post-show stage demonstrations around the technology and dance.

Invited by Aakash Odedra, Imanol Gomez designed and developed the new software running the show, optimising and creating new stunning visuals and effects.

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PNC Beacon

The PNC Beacon, opened October 1st, 2015, in downtown Pittsburgh in the Lobby of the new PNC Tower. The smart skyscraper sensors and data system provide the mix information for data driven light displays and soundscapes responding to weather, energy usage, and all the elements that make this brilliant green building.

In collaboration with Bruce Odland we created an automated sound world and workings for this futuristic and entirely useful sculpture.

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Led Costume Burning Man 2015

For the Burning Man 2015 Erevos Aether (, designed and made two costumes, where Moritz Waldemeyer created costume-made LED and Laser boards be to placed into the suits.

I was commissioned to design and create the visual patterns responding to the ambient sound. I therefore created a software to match any kind of visuals onto the geometry of both costumes and implemented the firmware for the visual playback.


Quiet is the New Loud

For the Bruges Contemporary Art and Architecture Triennial 2015 O+A acoustically decode the city. Using mobile sound installations, a walking trail through a unique sound experience, a sound platform and a carillon composition, it opens the visitor’s ears to the sounds and silences of a small city like Bruges.

Navigate the city like a bat by listening to the reverberations of buildings. You set off with a floating speaker that is activated at certain locations by a GPS-driven network. The architectural environment is made audible through echolocation.

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One Color

One Color is a tool made, in collaboration with Tamer Aslan, to guide you through a simple exercise to reduce one moment into a single color; take a pause to observe your surroundings and presence, associate it with a color from your observations, note down some words, and save it like a diary.

Our driving idea is to open our minds to the experience of life, moment to moment; to open our eyes to the neglected value of every day; to imagine exercises and daily practices; to help you increase your awareness to your surroundings, observe the moment, and be in the present. A guide to catch, in the overwhelming world of stimuli, the overlooked details that show you that you are alive.

We believe that with this tool will help to open to the experience of life and will contribute to an art therapy. We want to create a rebalancing tool. We want an awareness exercise. We want captivating experiences. More simplicity, beauty and fun!


Speed Of Light

Speed of light is a reactive light installation created in collaboration with Moritz Waldemeyer for FontanaArte. The inspiration comes from transforming a classic light shape into a morphing group that creates mesmerising effects. Speed of Light tracks passers by and transforms their movements to a stylised light show.

Speed of Light is displayed in the windows of FontanaArte’s flagship Milan store located on Corso Monforte 13, 20122 Milan and will be running from the 13th at the Milan Design Week and Expo 2015.

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Since September 2014 I’ve been responsible for the media art for Aakash Odedra´s Murmur performance, which explores how the misconceptions of dyslexia can be revealed through visual design, light, sound, movement.

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Fairy Teller

The Fairy Teller project was developed within 24 hours for the Music Hack Day Barcelona contest. The software analyses different characteristics from a storyteller speaking through a microphone input, and then uses them to automagically generate a suitable real-time music background (thanks to Pure Data synthesis) and soundscape (thanks to content).

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Imanol Gómez is a Spanish creative technologist interested in exploring the interdisciplinary and critical perspectives on art, science, design, and technology. He has specialised in physical computing, computer graphics and human computer interaction and has worked on a broad range of projects spanning many disciplines including performances, sound, video and new media installations.
Born in London in 1985, Imanol Gómez completed a diploma degree in telecommunications engineering in Madrid and a master´s degree in sound and music computing in Barcelona. During these studies, he discovered the potential of bridging his both passion’s poles: science and art. Therefore, he moved to Austria to pursue his career as a creative engineer at Ars Electronica.
He’s currently based in Berlin, embarked on an exhilarating and inspirational journey, collaborating with international companies and artists such as Aakash Odedra, Moritz Waldemeyer, Sam Auinger, Bruce Odland, ESI Design, etc.
He still continues learning to stop worrying and love the bomb.


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You might find me riding my bike through the streets of Berlin. You might also find me sitting at a Café spending some time. You might also not find me, but you can send me an email.