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Vision Quest

Vision Quest by Joanna Hir is a multi-seasonal couture collection
of four designs, offering modern occasional wear
with elements of techwear for men. Each piece in the 
collection is enhanced by different light technologies,
symbolising the enlightenment, which is the main
theme of this collection.

Developed at The Power House in Berlin, I collaborated with her to create the technology and the visuals behind it.

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Primavera Sound 2017

In collaboration with ProtoPixel and TigreLab we created a smart lighting stage at Primavera Sound 2017. Five ProtoPixel Controllers were distributed in the structure, controlling over 200 meters of LED strips and multiple DMX lights.
I developed the the software that creates generative content, based on the design from TigreLab. The idea behind was that the sound would while the sound would drive the visual lighting creating reactive patterns and an immersive experience.

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Marlene Dietrich Dress

In 1958, Marlene Dietrich wrote a letter – she wanted an interactive dress that glows! – Finally, in 2017, ElektroCouture made her wish come true.

In collaboration with ElektroCouture, I created the visual patterns and made them controllable remotely using wifi.

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#MarleneGlows #SwarovskiCrystals #FashionTech / Dress: Anja Dragan / Video: Andreas Waldschütz | Photography / Sound Design: Stefan Hoffmeister / Marlene’s Voice: Anna F.

The Creation – La Fura dels Baus

La Fura dels Baus made a new interpretation of Haydn’s masterpiece: The Creation.

In collaboration with ProtoPixel we created wearable led costume technology. This system was able to stream wirelessly video content to any costume from the show’s laptop.

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Versace Show Video

Project commissioned to Moritz Waldemeyer to create a light concept with video for the Versace | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Fashion Show.

I created the concept and co-produced the video content in collaboration with video specialist Ernesto Felipe.

Video Credits: Versace

Nuit Blanche


The project was powered by Elektrocouture and designed by Anja Dragan. I was responsible for lighting technology, as well as creator of the content and interaction.

It was exhibited at Fashion Tech Berlin 2017.


Inspired by the White Nights – nights that are never completely dark – Dragan created a jacket that is lit with 336 Osram LEDs. This unique decorative detail was developed in collaboration with Forster Rohner Textile Innovations – a Swiss supplier of highly sophisticated modern embroidery techniques.


Forster Rohner‘s e-broidery® technology integrates active lighting on fabrics that can be washed, draped or ironed and have therefore all the properties needed for garment production. The piece is powered by a hidden rechargeable battery.

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Future Fashion Workshop

The Goethe-Institut is organised a workshop, seminar and fashion show around the topic of smart textiles and wearable technologies. The programme promoted young designers and encouraged dialogue among professionals in a diverse range of areas such as fashion, material science, digital technology and social product design.

I was invited with Elektrocouture to curate and mentor it.

Luzia Dress

The “Rising Red” dress was built by Cirque du Soleil’s C: LAB in collaboration with Moritz Waldemeyer. It is able to create a dress that goes into full bloom right in front of your eyes on stage for LUZIA.

My work was to create and pre-render the visuals and animations happening on the dress.

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Authors: Imanol Gómez, Willy Barleycorn, Artur Miglio, Fernando Drumond, Carles Tardío Pi

By extrapolating from current trends, we can make some good guesses about future astonishing shows. Yet, when we think of future of nightlife , too often we restrict our imagination to particular areas: more gadgets for musicians, more lights, more projections, etc. But some of the truly exciting developments will be around festivals and shows that will improve culture and catalyze our creativity.

New technologies offer us opportunities for shaping the public spaces in which people move, behave and interact. It can even can accommodate a wide range of creative uses. The future idea would be that the whole festival’s space would be constantly changing, and everybody would be able to interact with it.

That’s why we are developing a space for the attendees to create a collective sculpture. The users will be able to place different building block pieces, anywhere on the table. The relationship between shapes and the positions will generate a soundscape of its own, as well as light patterns underneath the pieces.

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Fashion Hack Day 2016

From April 29 until 1st of May 2016 the Fashion Hack Day, the world’s first hackathon on fashion and tech, was taking place at Fab Lab in Berlin with a grand catwalk show at Kühlhaus Berlin! The projects were presented in a big final award show with catwalk at Kühlhaus Berlin. I was a mentor for electronics.

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